What is Global Water Replication?

Breweries are planned based on the water source that they will use. Do you specialize in Pilsners? You need the softest water you can find. But what if you want to brew a NEIPA? Through our proprietary technology, we have taken water sources from around the world (such as the earthy, mineral rich waters of Vermont), and have replicated them in our lab. Each of our water profiles allows you to change your water source for each batch, giving you the most authentic beer possible.  

When will my pre-order ship?

Soon. We are still working on the finishing touches to begin shipping out orders, but we are doing everything we can to ship them as soon as possible. Your preorder will ensure that you are one of the first to get your hands on any of our custom water profiles!

When will my card be charged?

Not today! Cards will NOT be charged until we are preparing shipments. You are simply reserving your profiles today, and you will be charge approximately one week before your order actually ships from our production facility. We will send a reminder email before cards are charged, and give you plenty of time to make any updates to your payment method or order. 

How do I use your water profiles?

Easy! Each water profile from our homebrew line is designed for a 5-7 gallon batch and is added like any other ingredient on your brew day, simply add before you mash in. Our profiles work great with all grain or extract beers! Brew day is complicated (even if we love every minute of it), but we want the water to be easy and accurate. We know hops are sexy and get most of the credit, but water is the backbone behind any great beer! 

Is your product safe for my beer?

Absolutely! All of our water profiles are food safe, made in our own lab, and with strict sanitation procedures. Your beer is our business, and we take your beer seriously.

Do you make professional sizes for larger batches?

Of course we do! We love our professional breweries! Just reach out to our sales team at sales@monsterabrewing.com to discuss your needs.