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Vermont Brewing Water Profile

  • 1 bbl
  • 2 bbl
  • 2.5 bbl
  • 3 bbl
  • 3.5 bbl
  • 5 bbl
  • 5 gal

Vermont Brewing Water Profile Hardness

The Vermont Replicator is crafted to provide any brew batch with the incredibly soft and enticingly vibrant tastes of New England. Situated in the North Eastern corner of the United States and home to the idyllic Green Mountains, Vermont boasts some of the most beloved and celebrated IPAs in the country. With a low Calcium content, the Vermont Replicator is the preferred water choice for Brewers experimenting or perfecting their NEIPA, providing them with the characteristic haze that originated in the region. The unique mineral profile and softness is ideal for a juicy, creamier beer while reducing bitterness and clarity of your finished brew. Due to the high Sulfate, Chloride ratio of the Vermont Replicator, rich hop derived flavors extracted during boiling will excite and invite your palate without increasing acidity. In the tradition of Vermont’s hop-forward and hazy brewing, the concentrate allows for an enhanced mouthfeel and drinking experience while highlighting hop flavors. Whether you are crafting a citrusy Pale Ale or a smooth, earthy DIPA, the Vermont Replicator offers brewers the Green Mountain dream of world-class IPAs to be sipped at summits or on sunny shores.

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Dimensions 1.68 × 1.68 × 6.80 in


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